About Kicktraq

Who made this crazy thing?

Adam ClarkBorn from his own passions for crowdfunding and tabletop gaming, Kicktraq.com was founded by Adam Clark in April 2012. Since starting, Kicktraq has tracked over 643,024 Kickstarter projects with over one million unique individuals per month viewing data generated by Kicktraq. Kicktraq was recently featured by Wired Magazine, Hypebot, and The Register Guard among others.

Adam's true passion lies in helping other people achieve success through the realization of their own potential.

In his "spare" time, Adam is an avid board & video gamer, Iron Chef wanna-be, world traveler, movie buff, and data addict. A native of an Indiana cornfield, he now lives with Mrs. Kicktraq and his two "data points" in Columbus, OH.

(I'd be happy to chat with you - Hit me up on twitter (@Kicktraq), or via our contact page (/contact/).)

Who are the Kicktraq Gnomes?

Gnomous Maximus

Big Kahuna, the Grand Poobah, Yadda yadda yadda - Gnomous Maximus is the guy who made this crazy thing, Adam Clark. Adam is motivated to do good and help people in this world, and as a result codes crazy awesome websites to help other people get funding for their dreams. He also backs a lot of crowd-funding projects and writes cool tools to help himself keep track of what’s coming and going and then shares them with the rest of you. Be nice to Gnomous Maximus. He’s one of the most generous gnomes you’ll ever meet.

Gnomeone of Consequence

Gnomeone of Consequence is Adam’s long-time BFF, business partner and general ‘partner in crime’, Meloney Buehl (@MrsKicktraq). News gnome, coding cheerleader, big-picture-dreamer, idea-bouncer-offer, project manager and non-techie alpha tester for Kicktraq.com, Mel is passionate about travel, the advancement of science, and being connected to the global community through sustainability projects.

Much like Adam, Mel enjoys board games, video games, quality data, and good processes (seriously – everything has a process – everything…). A native of Ohio who grew up in Texas, she now lives with Gnomous Maximus and his two “data points” in Columbus, OH.

What people say about us...

Kicktraq is the best analytics package for Kickstarter projects and backers. We couldn't have raised $1 million without it!

I especially want to thank you for the pledges Kicktraq has brought to my project Battle For Souls. Outside of BGG, Kicktraq has referred more backers than any other external site. Facebook and Twitter included. I will certainly be purchasing ads with you for any and all of my future projects!

Kicktraq is the best way to follow kickstarter campaigns.

This is a great website for following the trending of @kickstarter projects.

Thought you would want to know just being on your website with our project sent us over $5000 of pledges!

Thanks to @Kicktraq for making such a cool site! Its been really helpful for #kickheart.

Hello, I am a cofounder of Formlabs, the company that recently launched the Form 1 3D printer on Kickstarter. We have spent a lot of time looking at data from other projects on Kicktraq and really value this website.


Hi there. Thanks for this great project. How could Kickstarter ever be without it? I especially love the browser addon and the experimental stuff.


Special Thanks

I would not have been able to get Kicktraq to where it is without the support of my friends & family who put up with my long hours and sleepless nights tweaking out on pages of code and designing various things.

Also, special thanks to Daniel Green (@CamelFarmer) of Cosmic Shovel fame over at CamelCamelCamel.com for his amazing help and sharing his expertise. If you don't know what CamelCamelCamel is and you do any shopping on Amazon, go over and get their extensions right away. You can thank me later.